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Budgeting for an African Hunting Safari: How Much Will it Cost?

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One of the first things a potential client asks a hunting safari broker, or an outfitter is “How much money is this going to cost?  Every client has three questions he asks himself.  How much do I want to spend?  How much can...

Packing for Your African Hunting Safari

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The main idea about packing for a safari is to pack as lightly as possible, you really don’t want to lug around a lot of items that you won’t use.  I learned how to pack for safari a long time ago.  Make three piles of what you want to take on safari.  The first will contain what you really will need, the second will consist of:

Starry, Starry Night [Hippo's ain't for Pansies]

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Starry, Starry Night [Hippo's ain't for Pansies]

You may dream of gin and beer

when your huntin' safe out here

Finding an African Outfitter Who is Right for You

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Whether you are planning your first safari, or your fifth safari, finding an outfitter that is right for you takes a bit of work and research. Probably the most important item you need to accomplish is to ask a lot of questions from people who have actually been to Africa, preferably more than once.

Traveling Outside of the US with Firearms

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The US is now enforcing an existing law from 2008 that places additional requirements on hunters that are traveling with firearms outside of the US. In addition to an executed Form 4457, hunters must now acquire an EIN and make a declaration via the Automated Export System (AES) to receive an Internal Transaction Number (ITN)

Free Range Hunting in South Africa

Posted On
Free-range hunting opportunities do exist in South Africa. If the high fence is keeping you from taking that first trip to Africa, then read this article. Many areas in South Africa offer free-range hunting opportunities.


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Ebola seems to be on everyone’s mind that is considering a trip to Africa in the near future. Hopefully, the following information will put your mind at ease. Africa, as a continent is larger than the US, India, China, Europe and Japan combined and consists of 54 countries.

African Lion listed as Threatened under ESA

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On October 26, 2014, the US Fish and Wildlife Service announced it is proposing to list the African Lion in the Threatened category under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) with a special rule that would limit the import of trophies to...

Auction Hunts Aren’t The Value That They Used To Be

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Not too many years ago, there were some incredible deals to be had when buying an African hunting safari at an auction.

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