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Trophy Importation

Elephant Trophy Import Ban Lifted by the European Unions Scientific Review Group

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The SRG has decided to withdraw its ruling against importing elephant trophy parts from Zambia as of its latest meeting on ...

Importing CITIES Animals into the European Union

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The European Union Commission (EU) has a Scientific Review Group (SRG) that has issued opinions regarding importation of a number of animals on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITIES) list dated September 15, 2015. Elephant trophies cannot...

Importing Your Bontebok Trophy into the US

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To import a Bontebok into the US, you need a CITES export permit from the Republic of South Africa Management Authority and an endangered species import permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Division of Management Authority (DMA) prior to bringing a personal sport-hunted bontebok trophy into the United States.

A Step-by-Step Guide On Who Is Responsible For What

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The Responsibility of Export and Import Agents: Many of the errors that underlie the current seizure crisis are the fault of the expert subcontractors that hunters rely upon to export and import their trophies. The errors are commonly made by the exporting government, hunting operator, taxidermist or export agent. Regardless of who makes the error, the export and import brokers should confer, detect and correct mistakes before shipment...

How To Avoid U.S. Trophy Seizures and Forfeitures

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The following article will show you what you need to know to avoid and problems getting your trophies back home.

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