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African Firearms

Taking a Handgun to Africa

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Some of us like to hunt the hard way; walk for miles; climb mountains, live in tents, fight bugs.  Then there are those of us who like to hunt the real hard way...

Safari Rifles for Africa - Plains Game

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There are any number of different rifle/cartridge combinations that can be used to hunt plains game. “Plains Game” is a large category of animals that can range from a 35 pound red duiker to a 1600-pound eland, with a 2,000+ pound stink bull giraffe...

Safari Rifles for Africa

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A lot has been written about just what type/caliber/construction of firearm a client should take on an African Safari. A Professional Hunter’s requirements aren’t necessarily similar to a client’s. When hunting game that can bite, scratch, or stomp, the PH needs a rifle that will stop an animal in a hurry.

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