Are 1X6 Powered Scopes Best For You?

Posted On : Oct 15, 2020

Posted By : JM

1x6 Rifle Scope on an African Hunting Rifle

Are 1X6 Powered Scopes Best For You?

These days, there are a lot of different powered scopes that are known to be of very great help for a lot of hunters and shooters. Some of the most common scopes that are used for short-range, mid-range, and long-range hunting are 1-4x powered scopes and 3-9x powered scopes. But there is also another variation of magnification power that is known to be one of the top choices of a lot of hunters too—it is the 1-6x powered scopes. This magnification power is known to be used for both Night Vision Scopes and the ordinary scopes. But what are some of the things that make this specific magnification power to be one of the best choices when it comes to hunting? Well, here are some of the benefits of having a 1-6x powered scope.

Benefits of Having a 1-6x Powered Scope for Your Firearm

1.     Accuracy in Close-Range Battles

With a magnification power that can go as low as 1x, you will surely be unstoppable when it comes to close-range shots. The accuracy that you are going to have in short distances will be unparalleled when you compare it while you are using another scope that does have a magnification power that can go this low.

2.     Accuracy in Mid-Range Battles

The magnification power of 1-6x scopes can obviously reach the maximum of 6x—with a magnification power that reaches 6x, you can be assured that you are also going to have the accuracy. The precision of the scope helps in mid-range battles that you are going to conduct. Surely, with the range of 1-6x powered scopes, you will have an incomparable performance when it comes to distances that are not beyond 200 yards.

3.     Good for Beginners and First Timers

The best scopes that are advisable for beginners are the ones that are designed to have a magnification power that is not that very high. Since beginners need to practice being accurate first in close ranges and mid ranges, the use of 1-6x powered scopes are really good for beginners and first-time shooters. With this magnification, first timers will surely have no problem in doing their first shots.

Ready for hunting with a 1x6 scope

With a 1-6x magnification, a lot of benefits can be acquired and enjoyed. That is why it is considered as one of the best magnification ranges for a wide variety of applications and for different types of hunters. But besides this powerful magnification, you still have to consider a lot of other features in order to have a very good scope that you can use for your hunting trips.

Some other features that you must look for:

Durability: One of the most important features that you must look for is this one since it is where depends on a lot of things. When a scope is not designed to be durable, it will surely not last long in the shooting and hunting grounds since there are a lot of harmful substances and conditions that can be inevitably encountered out there. Also, the durability of one scope causes it to be long-lasting. So, this is really an important feature that must be taken seriously and considered in order for a 1-6x scope to be one of the bests.

Lenses: When you have a magnification of 1-6x, you also need to consider the quality of the lenses of the scope since it is where the quality of sight pictures that you are going to see depends. Even with a good magnification range, you will not see the bright and clear sight pictures if the quality of the lenses used for your scope is just substandard and mediocre. With that considered, this is also another feature that must be considered seriously.

Waterproofing and Fog-proofing Properties: The reliability and durability of 1-6x powered scopes depend on their waterproofing and fog-proofing properties. In order for you to be unstoppable and not hindered by fogging or water that is penetrating the inside chambers of your scope, you have to consider having these two properties too. Without these two very important features, you will not be able to have an enjoyable and reliable scope to use.

Night Vision Properties: This is an optional feature that you must look for you 1-6x powered scopes if you want to go hunting at night too. Having a magnification of 1-6x is not enough when it is not partnered with night vision properties during hunting trips that are done at night. This is an important feature to have since a lot of pests such as coyotes, bobcats, foxes, and many other animals go out at night.

Versatility: One of the things that make a scope versatile is the number of firearms and weapons that it can be mounted on. With that said, it is also good that you try to look for 1-6x scopes that are compatible with a lot of weapons and firearms as possible in order for you to use it when you do a lot of hunting trips with a wide variety of weapons that you have.

Bottom Line:

Having a 1-6x powered scope can be one of your best advantage when you hunt in the shooting grounds. With the zoom power and reliability that it gives, it is truly one of the best magnification ranges that you can get for your scopes—may it be a night vision scope or just the usual hunting scope that you use during the daytime. In addition to that, there are also some other important factors that you must greatly consider just like the ones that are mentioned above. A scope that aims to be the best does not excel in one feature only or in the magnification power that it has only, it also has a balanced design for all of the remaining features that it has in order to function really well. With all that has been said, 1-6x scopes can be very reliable when paired or partnered with other features that are of good qualities too in order to have an overall high-quality scope.