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Hunting the Brown Hyena in Africa
Posted On
The brown hyena is often a victim of myths and general bad press.  They are said to threaten livestock, but this has turned out to be false.  But this doesn’t stop the farmers from killing the hyena at every opportunity.  Also, the animal is a source for some of the ingredients in traditional medicines.  Despite being persecuted, the brown hyena’s future is becoming... Read the full story
Mature brown Hyena in Africa
Hunting Zebra in Africa
Posted On
Zebras have no horns and are not trophy hunted in the same way as horned plains game.  The Safari Club International has no listings for zebra in their trophy book.  Because their hide is so spectacular, their trophy value is judged by its quality, size, and... Read the full story
Zebra at sunriise
Trophy Nyala Hunting in Africa
Posted On
Most nyala hunters are more interested in horn shape than absolute length.  The quickest way to judge a nyala’s maturity is by observing the horns.  If the horn tips point inward it’s a sign that the bull is immature.  If the horn tips flare ... Read the full story
Trophy Nyala Hunting in Africa
Hunting Non-Exportable African Lions
Posted On
I think that most serious hunters have entertained the idea of hunting the African lion. The lion is a challenging and dangerous animal to hunt and is possibly the most... Read the full story
Non-exportable African Lion
Captive-Bred Lion Importations Denied to US Hunters
Posted On
On October 20, 2016 Dan Ashe, Director of US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) announced “that sport hunting of wild and wild-managed lions does contribute to the long-term conservation of the species in... Read the full story
Non-importable African Lion Trophy
Hunting Trophy Kudu in Africa
Posted On
Hunting trophy kudu in Africa is on the top of the list for most plains game hunters.  The only antelope that is more sought-after is the impala.  The kudu is divided into different subspecies and is widely distributed in Africa from southern... Read the full story

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