Dangerous Game Hunts

Tanzania Leopard Buffalo Sable and Roan Safari

Rifle or Black Powder 1x1 ( 1 Hunter - 1 Guide) ONLY $41,700!

2020 / 2021
This is a premium leopard hunt in one of Tanzania's best hunting areas that is known for producing some huge cats. Cape buffalo, sable and roan can also be put on license for this hunt along with selected plains game. There is no human habitation in this area and this is wild Africa at it's best!

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Hunt Giant Crocodiles in Mozambique

Bow, Rifle or Black Powder 1x1 ( 1 Hunter - 1 Guide ) ONLY $8,300

2023 / 2024
This hunt has the potential to put a giant trophy crocodile in your game room. The crocodile safari will take place on Mozambique's Lake Cahora Bassa on over 50 miles of croc infested shoreline. The lake is part of the famous Zambezi River system and you will be able to fish for tigerfish or hunt plains game once your giant crocodile is in the salt.

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Cape Buffalo Cow Hunting Safari

Rifle Only 1 x 1 Only $3,500 All-In!!

2023 / 2024
This highly discounted 5-Day hunt for a Cape buffalo cow will occur on an 8,000-acre private concession in South Africa's Northwest Province. This will be an exciting hunt as it will occur in thick bushveld. The cows tend to stay in herds and are very wary, so hunting them will be challenging. You will stay in a 3.5-star lodge during this safari. This is dangerous game hunting in Africa on a budget!

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Hunt Cape Buffalo in Mozambique

Rifle-Black Powder- Bow 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $14,500 /HUNTER !!!

2023/ 2024
This is a Cape buffalo hunt near the Zambezi River in wild Mozambique. There are hundreds of buffalo on this large concession fronting the mighty Zambezi River. You will be in buffalo every day. You can also take a crocodile for only $3,250 and there are some monsters in the Zambezi. Crocs eat an estimated 1,000 people a year in Mozambique, so there is an excellent chance you can get a man-eater!

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Hunt Elephant In Mozambique

Bow, Rifle or Black Powder 1x1 ( 1 Hunter - 1 Guide) ONLY $45,350!

2023 / 2024
Hunt with one of Mozambique's best big game outfitters for a trophy bull elephant! This is a 14-day hunt and will take place from a tented camp in Mozambique's Coutada 7 hunting concession. The outfitter has had great success guiding hunters to big tuskers in this area and you will have a great hunt while pursuing one of Africa's greatest trophies.

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Hunt Leopard in Tanzania

Rifle or Black Powder 1x1 ( 1 Hunter - 1 Guide) ONLY $28,000!

This leopard hunt in Tanzania will take place in in Central Tanzania’s Rungwa Region. You will hunt on over 750 sq. miles and will put some miles on while collecting, hanging and checking your baits. This has been a 100% success rate hunt in recent years and the leopards are taken in the daytime. Trophy roan and sable are also available on this hunt.

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Hunt Cape Buffalo in Tanzania

Rifle Only 1 x 1 ONLY $19,300 per HUNTER!

2020 / 2021
Hunt for a trophy Cape Buffalo in Tanzania's famous Rungwa Game Reserve. You may also take limited plains game on this safari, but buffalo is the primary target. Buffalo roam in groups of from 20 to 60 buffalo and there are plenty of trophy duggaboys to target too! You will stay in a 3-star tented camp in the traditional east African style.

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Hunt Hippo in South Africa

Rifle Only 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide ) ONLY $9,750 /HUNTER !!!

2021 / 2022
Hunt a bull hippopotamus on a private concession in South Africa. The hunt will take place near Kruger National Park in the Limpopo Province. Your PH will be a highly experienced dangerous game hunter who has put a lot of trophy animals in the salt. This trophy is exportable under CITES. Plains game hunting is also available after your hippo has been taken.

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Discounted Crocodile and Hippo Hunt in South Africa

RIFLE ONLY - 1 x 1 (One Hunter / One PH ) Only $12,000 ALL IN!!!

2021 / 2022
This 7-day hunt for a trophy crocodile and non-exportable hippo will take place on a lake in South Africa's Limpopo Province. This is the greatest value on a crocodile / hippopotamus combo hunt in all of Africa! Daily Rates, Airport transfers, and both trophy fees are included in the $12,000 price. Quantities are limited so book your hunt now!

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Two Buffalo Special in Sengwe

Rifle-Black Powder Only 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $21,950 All-In!

2022 Special
PRICE REDUCTION!!! Due to a generous quota of 60 buffalo, you can now take two trophy buffalo on this exciting hunt. This is a chance to take a second Cape buffalo and only pay the additional trophy fee. You will hunt in the best Cape buffalo concession in Zimbabwe where the Cape buffalo taken average 40"+. Sengwe 1 and Sengwe 2 feature unfenced borders with Kruger National Park and buffalo cross the Limpopo River daily on feeding excursions. Hunt the thick riverine brush for the trophy buffalo of a lifetime!

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Hunting dangerous game in Africa is one of the world’s enduring great adventures.  Hunting an animal that can turn the tables on you to where you become the hunted is the ultimate thrill for those who seek hunting’s ultimate challenge.  Dangerous game hunts on the African continent offer the greatest hunting challenges available in the modern world.  While fraught with danger, hundreds of big game hunting safaris are conducted in Africa each year.  And a handful of fatalities occur every year as the hunted can quickly become the hunted.  One wayward shot can put the whole hunting team’s lives in danger.

Hunting dangerous game occurs for 7 primary species, the big five plus the hippo and the crocodile.  While each animal offers its own challenges, it is the big five, consisting of the Cape Buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhinoceros,  that are the most sought after hunting trophies by the modern day African big game hunter.  The taking of the big five is considered the pinnacle of big game hunting and is a milestone in one’s hunting career.  Many hunters never go back to plains game hunting once they have experienced the challenge and thrill of dangerous game hunts in Africa.

Most begin their big game hunting by booking a Cape buffalo hunt.  Cape buffalo are typically the most affordable of the big game animals.  Hunting Cape buffalo can become addictive, and many hunters return year after year for dangerous game hunts to experience the thrill of stalking the Cape buffalo in Africa. 

The next most affordable dangerous game hunt in the big 5 is the leopard.  Dangerous game huntsfor leopard are done by baiting and hunting from blinds, or by utilizing dog packs to tree the leopard.  Hunting from a blind requires a large amount of patience and the ability to remain absolutely still.

Dangerous game hunts in Africa for lion, elephant and rhino are fairly expensive and many times require a journey to an area that is difficult to reach.  Since all three of these animals face pressure from many fronts, permits are somewhat limited and are closely controlled by government regulations and international treaties.  Nonetheless, most hunters dream of dangerous game hunts to the jungles of Africa for one of these species of dangerous game.


"I spent weeks visiting websites for outfitters in Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, comparing pre-made packages and regular fees. In the end, for a 7-day, six animal hunt with my son as an observer/hunter, John Martins had the best price."

Andrew and Garet
Georgia, USA
October, 2014

"I looked long and far for a good deal on a lioness hunt.  By far, Discount African Hunts had the best price.  I had the hunt of a lifetime and took a beautiful lioness at close range with my bow.  The Professional Hunter was first class, the lodge was first class and my whole experience was unbelievable.  I will book with John Martins when I return to Africa to hunt leopard  in Zimbabwe.

J.  Worley
June, 2015


"I had the hunting experience of a lifetime. And I have a real need to go back. I made many new friends from South Africa, Australia and the USA.

I strongly recommend both Discount African Hunts and this outfitter. John Martins set me up with a great outfitter, answered all my questions and made sure I had all my paperwork in order A to Z."

Steven Colkette
Harrisville, WV
August, 2015