Dangerous Game Hunts

Trophy Lion Hunting Safari in South Africa

1x1 Starting at $7,900 /HUNTER !!!

This is an incredible trophy male lion hunt at a great price! This renowned South African outfitter has reduced the price of this spot and stalk hunting safari by $5,000 and it is available at this price only through Discount African Hunts. This hunt takes place in the Kalahari Desert in the Northwest Province of South Africa near the Botswana border. The discounted lion hunting safari will take place within a fenced 6,000-acre enclosure. This is a discounted hunt of a lifetime for Africa’s greatest trophy!

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South Africa Spot & Stalk Lioness Hunting Safari

1x1 ONLY $3,900 per HUNTER!

This is a Great Hunt! This renowned 4-Star South African outfitter has reduced the price of this hunt and it is available at this price only through Discount African Hunts. This lioness hunt takes place in the high grass and bushveld of the Northwest Province of South Africa. The hunting area is 6 hours north of Johannesburg. The lioness hunt will take place within a 6,000-acre fenced hunting concession that is mountainous and has high grass and patches of thick brush. This is an unforgettable discounted lioness hunt at an unbelievable price!

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Hunt Cape Buffalo in South Africa

Rifle-Black Powder-Bow 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $8,000!!!

2023 / 2024
This is not your run of the mill South Africa Cape buffalo hunt. These buffalo are wild and dangerous! This is a heck of a deal on a Cape buffalo bull hunt. With over 350 buffalo roaming this 35,000+ acre concession, you will need to hunt hard to find that bull of your dreams. You will stay in a 3-star lodge during your stay and this hunt features $80/day observer rates and free rifle rental.

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Rifle Only 1x1 $16,500 plus Trophy Fee

2022 / 2023
This is an 8-day hunt for West Africa Savanna Buffalo and 1 other Group A animal. Take an additional 4 animals from Group B on this surprisingly affordable adventure to the savanna of Cameroon. Stay in a comfortable camp with individual rooms and in-suite bathrooms. Dont miss this chance to get your savanna buffalo for your trophy room!

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Masailand Cape Buffalo Hunting Safari

Rifle Only 1x1 ( 1 Hunter – 1 Guide) ONLY $26,500

2022 / 2023
Save thousands on this Maasailand trophy Cape buffalo hunt. Take up to 3 buffalo bulls and a selection of Tanzania's unique species of plains game on this 10-day culltural experience hunt. This is the best deal on this unforgetable hunt that you can find!

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White Lion Hunt in South Africa

Rifle – Bow – Crossbow 1x1 Only $13,500!

2020 / 2021
This hunt for the mythical white lion will occur on a 24,000 acre concession located in the Northwest Province of South Africa. Your hunt will be conducted by searching waterholes for fresh tracks and then setting out on foot to track the lion. This is the most exciting way to hunt a lion, as it is usually quite close and personal. Just you and the lion!

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Hunt Crocodile in South Africa

Bow, Rifle or Black Powder 1x1 ( 1 Hunter - 1 Guide ) ONLY $4,000!

2021 / 2022
This is a discounted hunt for nile crocodile that will take place adjacent to the Limpopo River in northern South Africa. This is a fully permitted legal hunt for wild crocodile in an area that has produced some monsters over 15 feet in the past. You will stay at a lodge overlooking the Limpopo River, and you can see Botswanna on the other side of the river. This is the best deal for a big crocodile in all of South Africa.

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Selous Reserve Cape Buffalo Hunting Safari

Rifle Only 2 x 1 ONLY $16,500 per Hunter!

2021 / 2022
Hunt Cape buffalo in one of the last unspoiled places left in Africa! The Selous Reserve is Africa as it used to be. With no fences, no human residents and thousands of Cape buffalo, it just doen't get any better than this. And top it off with a second Cape buffalo on a 7 day hunt for only the trophy fee! This is the best deal on a Selous reserve Cape buffalo hunt, as the charter flight, firearms importation, licenses, all dip and pack and the trophy fee for the first buffalo is included in the price!

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Selous Reserve Leopard Hunting Safari

Rifle Only 1 x 1 ONLY $31,800 per HUNTER!

2018 / 2019
This is a 14-day leopard hunt that also allows you to take two Cape buffalo and the highly sought after Nyassa wildebeest, which features a distinctive white chevron on it's face. With over 2 million acres and no permanent human residents, this is about as "wild" as it gets in today's Africa. Relive the safaris of Henningway and Rourke. Hunt where others only read and dream about hunting!

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Tanzania Leopard Buffalo Sable and Roan Safari

Rifle or Black Powder 1x1 ( 1 Hunter - 1 Guide) ONLY $41,700!

2020 / 2021
This is a premium leopard hunt in one of Tanzania's best hunting areas that is known for producing some huge cats. Cape buffalo, sable and roan can also be put on license for this hunt along with selected plains game. There is no human habitation in this area and this is wild Africa at it's best!

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Hunting dangerous game in Africa is one of the world’s enduring great adventures.  Hunting an animal that can turn the tables on you to where you become the hunted is the ultimate thrill for those who seek hunting’s ultimate challenge.  Dangerous game hunts on the African continent offer the greatest hunting challenges available in the modern world.  While fraught with danger, hundreds of big game hunting safaris are conducted in Africa each year.  And a handful of fatalities occur every year as the hunted can quickly become the hunted.  One wayward shot can put the whole hunting team’s lives in danger.

Hunting dangerous game occurs for 7 primary species, the big five plus the hippo and the crocodile.  While each animal offers its own challenges, it is the big five, consisting of the Cape Buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhinoceros,  that are the most sought after hunting trophies by the modern day African big game hunter.  The taking of the big five is considered the pinnacle of big game hunting and is a milestone in one’s hunting career.  Many hunters never go back to plains game hunting once they have experienced the challenge and thrill of dangerous game hunts in Africa.

Most begin their big game hunting by booking a Cape buffalo hunt.  Cape buffalo are typically the most affordable of the big game animals.  Hunting Cape buffalo can become addictive, and many hunters return year after year for dangerous game hunts to experience the thrill of stalking the Cape buffalo in Africa. 

The next most affordable dangerous game hunt in the big 5 is the leopard.  Dangerous game huntsfor leopard are done by baiting and hunting from blinds, or by utilizing dog packs to tree the leopard.  Hunting from a blind requires a large amount of patience and the ability to remain absolutely still.

Dangerous game hunts in Africa for lion, elephant and rhino are fairly expensive and many times require a journey to an area that is difficult to reach.  Since all three of these animals face pressure from many fronts, permits are somewhat limited and are closely controlled by government regulations and international treaties.  Nonetheless, most hunters dream of dangerous game hunts to the jungles of Africa for one of these species of dangerous game.


"I looked long and far for a good deal on a lioness hunt.  By far, Discount African Hunts had the best price.  I had the hunt of a lifetime and took a beautiful lioness at close range with my bow.  The Professional Hunter was first class, the lodge was first class and my whole experience was unbelievable.  I will book with John Martins when I return to Africa to hunt leopard  in Zimbabwe.

J.  Worley
June, 2015


"I recommend you booking a dream hunt in Africa with John Martins. It's first class it's professional and what John says will happen, it will happen!"

Drew McIntosh
Gaffney, SC
August 2014

"I was hunting with my son and my batchmate from school. We had an experience of a life time and will definitely repeat the experience again. The weather was perfect. We shot Kudu / Zebra / Wildebeest / Impala / Red Hartebeest / Blesbuck / a day of bird shooting." 

"We took back  memories for a life time  and will surly recommend the experience to other hunters."

Ash Katoch
May 2017